Narrative has always played a strong part in my work and often dictates the kind of imagery I choose to explore. My paintings regularly detail architectural structures and interior spaces, independent of the people who may inhabit them. 

A recent project based on London Lidos was sparked due to the strong aesthetic link to the past these places hold, while still having relevance today. I enjoyed the scope for use of strong colours, patterns and architectural forms. I was interested in creating an atmosphere within the paintings where a memory could be evoked. 

During a residency at The Theatre Royal Brighton earlier this year I made a collection of ten paintings, nine of which were interior views not visible from the stalls. I aimed to evoke a narrative around the building itself, bringing attention to the detail and functionality of the space. 

Since graduating from Falmouth Art College in 2009 I have continued to make and exhibit paintings around the UK, mainly working in oils and smaller studies in watercolour. After spending two years in Dorset during an artist residency, I moved to both London and Bristol before happily returning to live and work in Cornwall. My studio is part of the artist community Krowji located in Redruth.